Revel in Sound is a music blog that provides comprehensive reviews of new music, without all of the politics and over-the-top analysis.  Just straight-forward reviews from an average guy who loves listening to music.

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About Revel in Sound’s Rating System:

Albums are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, based upon the enjoyment of the reviewer.  These ratings are just a matter of opinion.

10/10: An album that is near-perfect, and would be considered among the reviewer’s all-time favorites.  This is an incredibly exclusive ranting, and would only be given in a few cases, especially when reviewing new albums.

9/10: A superb album that would rank near the top of a year end list.  It may have a have a few negatives, but is overall an incredible project, and one that could eventually become a 10 upon further listens and with age.

8/10: An incredibly solid album with a few problems, but is overall an excellent album.  It may contain a few songs that are not great, but as a whole is an album that will be revisited throughout the year and will rank fairly high on a year-end list.

7/10: A great album, but one that lacks the revisit factor, meaning that while it may be a solid album, the reviewer does not necessarily desire to listen to the album frequently.  It may also be an album that has some great tracks, but a few not-so-great tracks making the project as a whole solid, but not excellent.

6/10: A good album.  Not great, but certainly not bad.  There may be some great songs on the album, but there are significant issues with it that bring it down.

5/10: An average album that leaves the reviewer feeling unimpressed.  It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s not great.  Just okay.

4/10: A poor album that may have a few solid tracks, but is overall a miss.

3/10: A bad album, plain and simple.  There may be one or two decent songs, but that’s it.

2/10: A terrible album, and one that the reviewer absolutely cannot stand.  Albums that receive this rating have, in the opinion of the reviewer, no positive factors and no merit to warrant a listen.

1/10: Will most likely not be given, as every album at least deserves some credit just for being created.


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