Viet Cong – Self Titled – Album Review

vietcong band

A debut album is perhaps the most important part of a band’s career.  It sets the tone for the band in years to come and, in the case of many band’s, leads to their best album.  This remains to be seen for the post-punk group, Viet Cong, but they are on the right track with their debut, a great and innovative piece of indie rock that mixes experimentalism with catchy post-punk jams.

The thundering, distorted drums of the first “Newspaper Spoons” let the listener know that they are in for an interesting project.  It’s a rather odd opening track, but a solid one nonetheless, featuring a particularly beautiful atmospheric outro.  The following track, “Pointless Experience” is a much more straightforward track, combining elements of indie rock and post punk, allowing the song to serve as a stark contrast to the more noise rock based first track.

The album continues to mesh accessible rock tunes with ambitious noise rock tracks throughout the rest of it’s duration, giving it a very distinct and varied feel.  Each track feels different than the track before it, and thusly, the album never really loses your attention.  Even the eleven minute closer “Death” keeps things lively and interesting with multiple tempo changes and a varied song structure.  However, the balance is at it’s best with songs like “Continental Shift” and “Silhouettes”.  These tracks have a very obvious Joy Division influence to them, but the band also brings elements of noise and ambiance to make them stand out.

Viet Cong’s debut is a solid entry to the genre, and one definitely worth checking out for fans of indie rock and post punk.

Rating: 7/10

Standout Tracks: “Continental Shift”, “Silhouettes”, “Bunker Buster”


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